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Message from the CEO

The world today is an era of transforming resources oriented  to technology oriented, and the essence of the world's energy strategy is technological innovation. Based on the energy industry, research and transformation of forward-looking energy service technologies and equipment, CSEC is committed to creating a new state-level energy technology service company with five-in-one “theory innovations, technology research and development, transformation, technology service and financial drive”

“Show high ideas and work perseveringly” Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and the market is the driving force behind technological innovation. CSEC insists on science and technology innovation as the forerunner, takes the service market as the center, bravely shoulders the burden, and integrates scientific and technological achievements in product development and development and production, actively explores the channel of combining science and technology with economy, promotes the combination of production, education and research, and promotes The transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Only in this way can we develop high-tech achievements that are more suitable for energy economic development and further transform into high value-added energy products.

“All rivers run into sea , Trees changed for the forest”. As the main body of the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and the diffusion of advanced technologies, CSEC gathers domestic and foreign scientists, investors and entrepreneurs, gives full play to the core technology and talent advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and combines the  market, talents and other resources of technologies of the global energy industry ,innovation and win-win, deepen the law of the market, identify the pain points of demand, accelerate the exploration and practice of the field of scientific and technological innovation, and quickly open up from basic theoretical research, key technology research and development, to new product development, and results promotion applied technology innovation industry chain.

“Don't forget our mission and we will achieve our goal.”  At the beginning of the establishment of CSEC, it was the patriotism of revitalizing the Chinese energy industry and inheriting the selfless dedication of the older generation of geologists and dare to be the first in the world. The road to the future is a long way to go. We will intensively work hard, be down-to-earth, and be mindful of the world, and contribute to the development of energy for the country and the world!

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