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Roqscan and cuttings big data


Equipment Introduction: RoqSCAN is a set of scanning electron microscopes that can be directly used in the field by CGG and Carl Zeiss. It can semi-automatic analyze elements, mineralogy and structure of rocks,cuttings, cores, cores, sheets etc.

Raw data:elemental data (more than 50 types), mineral data (more than 100 species), structural data (mineral structure, porosity, pore size distribution, pore face ratio, pore throat structure, etc.), high-definition digital mineral image (pseudo color mineral image, the highest resolution of 250 nm). 

 Derived data:Fitting GR, RoqFRAC based on mineral brittle partition, rock mechanics data, FraLog crack statistics, brittleness index BI, vulnerability index, etc.


 Tracking while drilling, assisting geosteering: The equipment is placed at the wellsite

 site, and a sample is measured in about half an hour, which can be used for real-time measurement while drilling.

  Supplementary electrical test data: compare with the electrical test data; when the electrical test data is missing, it can serve as supplement and calibrate and verify part of the log interpretation results;

  Fracturing optimization: Fracturing segmentation optimization based on geological sweet spot and engineering sweet spot analysis; perforation cluster optimization based on mineral analysis, fracturing fluid optimization and fracturing parameter optimization;

  Comprehensive research: stratigraphic comparison, diagenetic evolution, drilling engineering accident analysis, formation damage, geological modeling, big data, etc.


Construction work: RoqSCAN has almost no special requirements for the site. It can serve the new well at the drilling site service, or can be placed at the base for measurement to serve the old wells. 

Personnel: 2-3 people, 24 hours shift. Workload: Analyze 30-40 samples/day.

Report: Daily/class report, all raw data is provided within 48 hours after completion, and an in-depth explanation report is provided within a few days.


Cuttings big data 

Research on Software Application Integration Framework System Based on Plug-in 

Data-driven professional application software method and application integration

Seismic (multi-attribute analysis pre- and post- stacking)

Drilling (drilling design, well trajectory, wellbore stability, geosteering)

Mud Logging (comprehensive logging, gas measurement)

Well Logging (conventional, array acoustic wave, NMR logging, shale mineral composition, pore structure and microfracture evaluation, reservoir brittleness and compressibility analysis)

Well Testing (fluid properties, reservoir pressure, productivity prediction)

Automatic mineralogy and mechanics of rock (rock brittleness, rock elastic mechanics parameters, cracks, direction and magnitude of geostress)

Reservoir (geological modeling, numerical simulation, reservoir fracturing simulation, productivity prediction, intelligent reservoir management)


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