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Intelligent geosteering

Intelligent drilling technology 

China's deep oil and gas exploration and development faces major technical bottlenecks, such as weak horizontal horizontal drilling guidance capability; incomplete test data in deep high temperature and high pressure environment, long drilling cycle, high development cost, and poor economic efficiency. We are committed to forming a complete technology chain from research to engineering to achieve the overall technical goal of 6,000 meters deep oil and gas exploration and development.


The intelligent guided drilling technology equipment system starts from the deep petroleum geological theory, supplemented by high accurate oil reservoir  characterization, and uses the precision drilling-while geosteering system as a means to realize the intelligent “cruising” of deep drilling through a new rotary steerable drilling tool.

The key technology of near-bit drilling while drilling has made major breakthroughs, achieving gravity acceleration measurement under high-vibration, strong-impact and high-speed rotating environment, achieving geomagnetic field measurement under strong magnetic interference (bit, drill and other magnetic body) and achieving short-range wireless remote transmission technology of electromagnetic signal in strong attenuating mud.

At the same time, in the Drilling Azimuth Acoustic Imaging Logging Technology,it has broken through the core technologies of high-performance transmitting and receiving acoustic system technology, sound-absorbing body design technology under the condition of drilling and high-focus transducer design and packaging technology. An experimental prototype of the azimuth acoustic wave imaging tool while drilling was developed.

In addition, the key module of the push-type rotary guide system was developed, and a guide tool test bench was developed to control the rotation of the guide tool and verify the measurement, dynamic control and offset execution functions.

We are committed to completing the R&D layout of intelligent guided drilling technology equipment from the aspects of scientific guidance, technological breakthrough, and R&D support, so as to achieve the goal of “trap accurate, position accurate, and drill accurate”. Through the cooperation of "production, study and research", we have overcome the world problem of intelligent guiding technology equipment system, making China one of the countries mastering this core technology and ranking among the top in the field.


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