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High-end manufacturing industry park

In order to better industrialize major research technologies and equipment, and serve the national economy,the company relies on the special research and development technology and equipment, combined with the government's industrial development plan, and uses the market mechanism to raise funds, sets up operations and management teams, and explores the high-end manufacturing industrialization model of “technology R&D   government industry   financial drive ”. 

At present, the company cooperates with the Hengshui Municipal Government to establish a “high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park”. Functional orientation of the industrial park: based on the global energy industry, research and development and transformation of forward-looking energy service technology and equipment, based on the park, facing the future, through the incubation and industrialization of major thematic technologies, the establishment of new high-end equipment manufacturing industrial parks, in mineral resources The detection, oil and gas resources exploration and shale gas efficient development of intelligent drilling and drilling equipment technology system and other equipment fields broke the monopoly of foreign technology, reached the international leading level, established an international energy technology service center of the entire industry chain, leading the development of future emerging industries. 

The company cooperates with Jiashan Government to establish a "MEMS digital detector" industrialization base, aiming at making full use of independent research and development technology, realizing MEMS digital detector integration, low-frequency digital detector integration and manufacturing, and node-type seismic acquisition instrument manufacturing,development, production and sales of supporting software.


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