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Popular science education

In order to better carry out science education work, Academician Zhu Rixiang actively advocated the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongke Hengdao (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. - Zhongke Zhixin (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in youth science education. The company is based on the academic advantages of the Institute of Earth Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the disciplines of geology and space, Zhongke Zhixin has jointly developed the scientific research resources of the young scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Youth Innovation Promotion Association and the science scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Multi-disciplinary science curriculum system with fun, inspiration and inspiration are developed  through the large classroom of scientists, into the Chinese Academy of Sciences, field scientific investigation, network science education, popular science book publishing, scientific teaching aid development and science education game development, etc. , comprehensively carry out science education work. The purpose is to "train young people's scientific interests, improve young people's scientific literacy, establish young people's scientific thinking, and expand young people's scientific knowledge." Improve the scientific quality of our youth in an all-round way.


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